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Frequently Asked Questions

***For any pricing information please refer to our price sheet on the Services Page***

1. Will you travel to me?

Answer: Yes we are a full service salon in East Syracuse as well as a traveling salon. 95% of our weddings we travel to the site for. We will come to your home, hotel, venue, where ever is convenient for you.

2. How much time do you need?

Answer: We allow 1 hour per person per service. The amount of time needed is determined by how many girls we have available to work your day, how many girls are getting a service done and what time you need to be done by.

3. What time should I be done with Hair and Makeup?

Answer: We recommend 1 hour before you go to your ceremony (if this is what you are doing first) or 1 hour before you do first look photos (if this is what you are doing first).

** If you are traveling for first look photos or traveling for your ceremony: From the site you are getting ready at we recommend being done with hair and makeup 1 hour before in addition to the travel time to get to your ceremony or first look photos.***

4. What if you travel to me and I am getting married on site and not doing first look photos?

Answer: Then we would recommend being done an hour before with hair and/or makeup.

5. Do you charge a travel fee?

Answer: Yes we do. It is $10 for every 15 minutes per stylist from our salon to your location and back. We travel up to two hours from the salon. For example: A location 15 min. from our salon with 2 stylists would be a $40 travel fee. A location 1 hour and 15 min. from our salon would be a $100 travel fee per stylist.

6. Do you charge a travel fee once or per stylist?

Answer: The travel fee is a one time fee per stylist on staff. (See above for details)


7. How far will you travel?

Answer: We will travel up to a 2 hour radius from our salon location (5900 north Burdick St. East Syracuse NY 13057.)

8. Do you offer trials?

Answer: Yes we offer trials. We recommend them for the bride, but of course will do them for anyone interested.

9. What do I bring to my trials?

Answer: Yourself, pictures of ideas you are looking for and if you would like(not required) any hair jewelry you may want in your hair the day of. (we don't recommend bringing your veil because it is made out of tulle and we are a hair salon. We are not responsible if something happens to it.

Any Further Questions you may call 315-506-0196

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